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When did Dogma become a Dirty Word?

June 27, 2011


As I listen to people talk and listen to what they say, one thing has become increasingly clear: we live in a society with no absolutes. There is no longer any foundation for what the majority of people believe.  Relative truth and situational ethics have given us a way to justify anything that we want […]

What is Reasonable Service?

June 22, 2011


In the twelfth chapter of Romans, Paul moves from an 11 chapter theology lesson to the practical application of that theology. After all, a vast knowledge of God is useless unless it produces a changed life, and unless you actually use that knowledge. So, lets look at those first two verses of Romans chapter 12, […]

Father’s Day sermon / Luke 15:11-24

June 19, 2011


This is the father’s day message from June 19, 2011. It is preached from Luke 15:11-24 (The Prodigal son), with an emphasis on the father of the son. this message details the love and forgiveness of our Heavenly Father, and how father’s should relate those same characteristics to their children. Listen Now: Download Link: Father’s […]

But God Can Do Anything HE Wants. . .

June 15, 2011


God is God, after all. He has absolute power and is the final authority. So obviously, God can do anything He wants. Well there you have it, the “God can do anything He wants” argument, now I can teach and believe anything I want, because in the end, God may just decide to do it […]

Scoffers, scoffers everywhere! What’s a Christian to do?

June 10, 2011


One thing is for sure, we live in an age in which there’s no shortage of people who openly scoff at the Bible. If you talk very much about Scripture, chances are you’ve encountered some of those people. It’s to be expected though. After all, Peter warned us about them nearly 2000 years ago. 2 […]

The World is at Your Fingertips

June 8, 2011


With the advent of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, the world is more accessible than ever. It is now literally possible to “teach all nations. . .”, so I’ve decided to use that medium to reach as broad an audience as possible with the Gospel message and solid Bible teaching. That’s why I […]

Forgive? 490 Times? Ok. . . But I’m Keeping Count!

June 7, 2011


Forgiveness can be a tough thing. People will wrong you, sometimes intentionally. People may steal from you, lie about you, harm or abuse you, yet the Bible still calls for forgiveness. Forgiveness is, without a doubt, one of the toughest issues that Christians face. We live in a sinful, cursed world, with evil all around. […]

2 Peter 3:3-9

June 5, 2011


This is a verse-by-verse exposition of 2 Peter 3:3-9, Given on June 5, 2011. It covers scoffers, the creation and flood, along with God’s future judgment and His patience so that people may be saved. LISTEN NOW: DOWNLOAD: 2-Peter-3_3_9

Was Jesus a Bootlegger?

June 2, 2011


Most people know the story of Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine, but there is a great deal of disagreement as to the nature of that wine. Was it alcoholic, or not? While this issue is not really a critical one, i do find it very interesting, so I thought I’d comment on […]