It’s About Time!

Posted on August 4, 2011


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

“In the beginning” of what? Not just the beginning of the physical universe and the heavens, but also the beginning of time itself. God is eternal, which means that He lives completely outside the realm of time. At some point, time had to begin, and that would be the beginning.

In order for there to be a beginning, time had to exist, because without time there would be no beginning. If time had existed prior to the physical universe, then then the physical creation would not have ocurred in the “beginning,” it would have been some time after the beginning. The conclusion is that time began in conjunction with the physical universe and the heavens, to comprise the entirety of this creation.

The very fact that time has a beginning means that it can be traced back to that beginning, to which the Bible gives us all of the necessary information. See my blog articles When a Day was a Day, and The Age of the Earth for more information.

The Scripture is clear that this universe, and all that comprises it, is finite. It is not eternal, nor did it come into existence on its own. To the contrary, it has a cause, a Creator, the Almighty God of the Bible! If God created the universe, that means He owns it. If God owns the universe, that means that He makes the rules. It is certainly in everyone’s best interest to know God, to find out what His plan is, and to follow it (and Him).

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