Last Words of Christ, Part 6: “It Is Finished!” (Sermon notes and Audio)

Posted on October 2, 2012


This is the sixth in a series that looks at the last words of Jesus Christ. This message was delivered at Hillcrest Baptist Church on the evening of September 30, 2012.. This message deals with Jesus’ finished work of redemption. This contains an audio recording of my message, along with my sermon notes. Please note that the sermon notes are not a full transcript, because I typically add to my notes as I preach. For the entire message please listen to the audio.

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Last Words 6


John 19:30

“I” – I thirst, called attention to the person.
“it” – Called attention to the work.

There is no more important consideration in life than the “I” and the “it” of Calvary – the person and the work of the Cross.

An equivalent statement occurs 3 times in the Bible – at the beginning, middle and end.


Genesis 1:31-2:1

The Creator finished His work perfectly. The Creator is Jesus.

John 1:3

John 1:14

Nothing can be added to improve it, and nothing can be taken away without marring it.

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK, we have this 6th statement from Jesus.

The Redeemer finished His work perfectly.
Just like the work of creation, nothing can be added to or taken away from the work of salvation.

Ephesians 2:8-9


Revelation 16:17

The King of kings and Lord of Lords will perfectly finish His ministry of reconciliation.

In each instance, it is the finished work of Jesus Christ. He is the perfect Creator of the universe, The perfect savior of souls, and the perfect Lord of the kingdom.


First, Jesus did NOT say “I am finished”. He said “it” not “I”

This entire phrase is actually 1 Greek word “teleo.” It carries the meaning of something that is finished and forever done.

It cannot be changed, undone, added to, or altered in any way.

THE 4 “ITS”: (though the word “it” does not occur in these passages, each refers to an aspect of Christ’s work that was finished on the cross.)

The “it” of Isaiah 53:6 was finished:

The “it” of 2 Corinthians 5:21 was finished.

The “it” of 1 Timothy 2:6 was finished.

The “it” of Revelation 5:9 was finished.


TO SOME, the announcement brings great joy.

Salvation is now possible because it does not depend on their efforts or goodness.
In the words of Paul:

Galatians 6:14

TO MANY, The meaning of the announcement is not so clear.

They feel that Jesus has some part in their salvation, but that they must work for it too. They must add to what He has done, and depend somewhat on themselves.

They miss the finished work of grace. They don’t know that they insult Jesus Christ.

TO OTHERS, the announcement is a matter of indifference. Wealth, materialism, personal gain, and fun are more important.
Indifference to Christ is among the worst of sins.

TO A FEW, the announcement provokes anger.
They hate God, they love sin, and they want to be left alone, how tragic!

TO ALL, this announcement brings hope (whether they recognize it or not).

Only because of this work, is it possible for them to be saved.
God’s heart will be forever unsatisfied if you refused the finished work of Christ, although Satan will receive some comfort if you share his doom with him.
You can’t afford to reject Christ!