Daniel Chapter 10 / Spiritual Warfare (Sermon notes and Audio)

Posted on February 2, 2013


This is the nineteenth in a series of  expositions of the book of Daniel. This message was delivered at Hillcrest Baptist Church on the morning of January 27, 2013. This message deals with our involvement in the spiritual warfare between angels and demons. This contains an audio recording of my message, along with my sermon notes and a study outline. Please note that the sermon notes are not a full transcript.

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Dan 10

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Daniel 10 Outline


Daniel Chapter 10 / Spiritual Warfare

Introduction: It is now the third year of Cyrus, 536 B.C. Daniel had been fasting for three weeks for an interpretation to a disturbing vision, when he received a most remarkable visit.

The vision, verses 4-9

The description given, is much like the description given of Christ in, and John’s response was the same as Daniel’s.

Revelation 1:13-14,17

You will find that throughout the O.T., Jesus often appeared to His servants at special times, either to deliver a special message, or prepare them for a special ministry.

To Abraham, the pilgrim, Jesus came as a traveler (Gen. 18)

To Jacob, Jesus came as a wrestler (Gen. 32)

Before Joshua attacked Jericho, Jesus came as the captain of the Lord’s Army

Josh. 5:13-15

To Isaiah, Jesus revealed himself as the King in the throne (Is. 6)

But to the two Jewish exiles – Daniel in Babylon , and John on Patmos- Jesus appeared as the glorified King-Priest.

Both of these men were given visions of future events regarding God’s people that would be difficult to accept and understand.

Ultimately, Daniel was strengthened by this encounter. (Vv. 16-19) Christ continually provides strength.

He spoke words to Daniel, but we aren’t told what was said. Perhaps they were words of comfort in Daniel’s great distress, an encouragement that God had not forgotten him.

The vision was so tremendous and awe-inspiring, that it caused Daniel lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

The same thing happened to John in Revelation.

We now switch to an angel, most likely Gabriel.

He touches Daniel, awakens him, and has him stand to receive his message. He tells Daniel that he has been trying to answer his prayer since the first day, but was met with a remarkable delay.


Prince of Persia, an evil angel, had attacked the angel bearing the answer.

This evil angel was assigned to see to it that the King of Persia did what Satan wanted him to do.

Michael is the Archangel assigned to minister to Israel.

Daniel 12:1

Michael assisted Gabriel so that he could come to Daniel.


When Lucifer rebelled against God, he took one third of the angels with him. They are demonic angels that oppose Christ and obey Satan.

Satan has a well organized army of demons. Paul recognizes this in Ephesians, as he speaks of putting on the armor of God.

Ephesians 6:12

Paul teaches that we need spiritual weapons to fight spiritual enemies.

While we are in a state of war, and we will have battles to fight, we can be confident that Christ has already defeated the enemy, and, we can claim that victory by faith!

We need to understand that Angels are not to be prayed to or objects of worship.

We must not attribute more to them than what God has given.

Angels are messengers of God, his servants. They are used to minister to us, and fight for us.

When we pray, God directs the armies of heaven to fight on our behalf.

Usually we know nothing about the battles that are being waged in this invisible war, but occasionally God will open our eyes.

2 Kings 6:15-17

We should take comfort in the knowledge of this invisible war, because “those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”


Daniel had been involved in a cosmic spiritual conflict, and didn’t even know it. The Lord was using some of His highest angels to answer his prayers!

This certainly shows us that prayer is one of our strongest and most important spiritual weapons. In fact, it gives new meaning to the term prayer warrior.

The neglect of prayer is one of the main reasons why many churches and individual believers are so weak and defeated.

In fact, Jesus taught His disciples that the demonic forces could not be defeated except by prayer and fasting, the very activities that Daniel had been involved in for three weeks.

Matthew 17:21

Mark 9:29

Jesus took the reality of Satan and his demonic forces seriously, and so should we.

Satan wants us to believe that he either doesn’t exist, or is not worth worrying about.

Gabriel made it clear that the battle wasn’t over. As soon as he left Daniel, he would return to Michael to assist in battling the Prince of Persia and the Prince of Greece.

Satan DOES HAVE demons assigned to deceive nations.

We must pray for our leaders, both civil and spiritual.

One reason God instructs us to pray for those in authority, is so that God’s will will be done, not Satan’s.

Will you commit to the battle? You are already a part of it, like it or not. So will you get on your knees and fight? Will you be a prayer warrior?

The destiny of nations, churches and people have been changed throughout history because God’s people have fervently prayed.