Job pt. 11 / A Humble Heart (Sermon notes and Audio)

Posted on June 6, 2013


This is the eleventh in a series of messages on the book of Job. This message was delivered at Hillcrest Baptist Church on the evening of June 2, 2013. This message deals with the issues of humility and repentance. This post contains an audio recording of the sermon, plus my sermon notes. Please note that the notes are not a full transcript. To get the entire message, you’ll need to listen to the Audio.



Job pt. 11 / Job 42:1-6

Here begins Job’s humbling.

Although Job’s suffering was not a result of his sin, Job did eventually begin to complain and become bitter.

After God spoke to Job, he began to fully understand God’s greatness and sovereignty.

The reality of the fact that God is the all powerful creator of the universe had hit home, and Job is now expressing his agreement with God.

We should respond to God in the same way. Instead, we often harbor bitterness and anger, when we should acknowledge that God is in control.

You might say “If God would speak to me like that, things would be different.” Well. . . you’d better look again, because He already has.

We have what Job didn’t have, the written Word of God. God has already spoken to you.

You may be facing trials, but God has spoken. How have you responded?

If you cling to bitterness, you cling to poison.

Acts 8:23

Instead, trust God to do what is right.

Job recognized that when he began to complain, it was in ignorance.

This is often the case with us.

It’s not necessarily wrong to question why things happen.

What is wrong, is to complain about what God is doing, especially when we don’t know why He is doing it.

Job wanted to speak, not for a defense or justification, but for confession and repentance.

Because of “hearing,” Job had faith.

Romans 10:17

Because of “seeing,” Job had humility.

Through seeing, Job understood the realities of God. He began to perceive who God really is. In contrast, Job understood who he is, and that he doesn’t measure up to God.

A God encounter tends to do that to you. When was the last time you had a God encounter?

If not recently, why not? It’s not God’s fault. He’s waiting.

Allow yourself to be humbled, its good for you.

Humility is important in the life of a Christian.

God hears the humble:

Psalm 10:17

God teaches and guides the humble:

Psalm 25:9

God lifts up the humble:

James 4:10

Pride places you before God, but humility places God first.

Job’s repentance followed his humility. If you don’t have a humble heart, you won’t have a repentant heart.

Job understood how his bitterness had displeased God, and he wanted no more part of it. Job rejected his complaining, in fact he hated it.

It must be understood here, that Job is not admitting to the accusations of his friends, and their insistence that he was being punished for his sins and must repent.

In fact, as we will see in the next message, Job’s restoration did not happen when he repented. If Job were being punished for his sins, surely he would have been restored as soon as he repented.

Nor had Job ever denounced or cursed God, like satan had charged.

Again, we need to remember that God held Job blameless, he was not being punished for his sin.

Job was; however, repenting of a degrading attitude toward God AFTER he had already been afflicted. That is what Job hated.

Are you humble enough to hate the sin in your life an repent from it?