Colossians 1:1-2

Posted on March 5, 2015


This is the first in a verse by verse exposition of the book of Colossians. This message was delivered at Hillcrest Baptist Church on the evening of March 8, 2015. This message serves as an introduction to the book, and discusses the all-sufficiency of Christ. This post contains an audio recording of the sermon, as well as my sermon notes (sermon notes are not necessarily a complete transcript).


Col. 1:1-2



Colossae was a small market town situated on the south bank of the Lycus River in the interior of the Roman province of Asia (an area included in modern Turkey).

Colossae was probably evangelized during the time of Paul’s extended ministry in Ephesus (Acts19:10), though there is no record of it in Acts.

All of the information about the church is found in this letter, and in the letter to Philemon.

Paul identifies Himself as the author, and it was probably written between 60-62 AD, while he was imprisoned in Rome. As Paul wrote this, there were apparently some false teachers within the church, leading them astray.

This letter, as so many others do, warns the church against those teachers. Just as it was important to call them out back then, it is still vitally important today.

Ephesians 5:11

2 Timothy 4:2-4

Titus 1:10-14

These false teachers have an audience, because many believers today seem to be seeking something more than Jesus Christ. They feel that they have to have some exciting experience, some new doctrine, or some special sign,

The letter teaches the all-sufficiency of Christ, that no more is needed.

Colossians 2:10

Once you discover the sufficiency of Christ, you’ll have no more need of special experiences and man-made regulations. You’ll understand that your true riches and joy are found in Jesus Christ.

Right from the start, Paul asserts divine inspiration for this letter, which is in direct contrast to what the false teachers were putting forth.


This letter is specifically addressed to the saints (the saved). It were those believers in Colossae to which Paul was writing, and these words stand true to all believers today.

It was an important letter, because there is nothing sadder than a saint who is being lead astray. It’s painful to watch a servant of Christ be lead into irrelevance and obscurity. When a believer is no longer useful to his Lord, it is a sad day. This was the very danger they faced, as false doctrines were being presented to them. Wrong belief always leads to wrong living, which makes a believer useless.

Paul prays grace and peace for them. If ever grace and peace are needed, its when believers face a constant barrage of false doctrine. When pressure mounts from those who claim to be your brethren, grace and peace are surely needed. One must always remember that Christ is sufficient for all their needs.

Such an attitude, along with knowledge of the Scripture, makes one much harder to lead astray through false signs and wonders, or flattering words. Learn to lean not on your own understanding, but on Christ instead.

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