Colossians 1:19-23 / To Please Him

Posted on April 12, 2015


This is the fifth in a verse by verse exposition of the book of Colossians. This message was delivered at Hillcrest Baptist Church on the evening of April 12, 2015. This message deals with the work of Christ, which pleased the Father. This post contains an audio recording of the sermon, as well as my sermon notes (sermon notes are not necessarily a complete transcript). 


 Col. 1:19-23 



One component in the heresy threatening the Colossian church (gnosticism) was the denial of the deity of Christ. Paul combats that element of heresy with a defense of Christ’s deity, which we looked at last week. Here, he continues with another statement affirming Jesus’ deity, and then moves to the work of Christ.

The first thing we see, is how this pleased the Father. 

The things that pleased the Father:

  • In Him all the Goodness should dwell” This statement really cuts at the heart of the gnostic beliefs. The gnostics believed divine powers to be divided among various beings. Paul countered this by pointing out that all of the divine powers of God completely dwelt in Christ.

Colossians 2:9 

Philippians 2:5-6 

Not only does this directly refute the false teachings, but we see that the Father is pleased that Christ shares His nature.

  • by Him to reconcile all things to Himself

This refers to a change in a sinner’s relationship to God, through Jesus Christ. Reconciliation pleases God. It is His will that men be reconciled to Him. 

2 Peter 3:9 

This; however, is not a statement of universalism (all will be saved). The Bible is clear that not all will accept the Lord’s call.

  • all things” refers to the reconciliation of believers, and ultimately the entire created universe.

Romans 8:21 

Revelation 21:1

  • having made peace through the blood of His cross

All who are unsaved, are an enemy of God. The blood of Christ has God’s enemies to become, by faith, His friends and His children. 

Romans 5:10 

Ephesians 2:16 

This is only possible through the blood of Christ. 

Hebrews 9:22 

Hebrews 9:12-13 

John 14:6 

The crucifixion of Christ was a horrible and barbaric act of torture. However, as terrible as it was, it pleased the Father, because it fulfilled His will. And It’s not His will that any should perish. 


Because Jesus was forsaken, we don’t have to be. As a result of His sacrifice, we can wear a robe of righeousness.

Isaiah 61:10 

The ultimate result of the death of Christ is to “present you holy, and blameless, and above reproach in His sight—” Believers were chosen for this since before the foundation of the world. 

Ephesians 1:4 


Those who have been reconciled (saved) will persevere. 

If“, this is not teaching a conditional, works-based salvation (which is contrary to Scripture). 

Ephesians 2:8-9 

Paul is actually speaking to the accomplishment of salvation through Christ’s past sufferings. The only condition, is that the faith must be firmly rooted in the truth of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible. This is the faith that Paul preached, and any other faith is deadly poison. 

A believer cannot be moved from their secure position in Christ. 

John 10:28-29 

Obedience to Christ puts you in a position of unshakable faith, form which they can’t be moved. 

Psalm 16:8 

Psalm 62:6 

An unmovable unshakable faith, is what all believers should strive for.

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