Colossians 3:1-3 / Raised With Christ

Posted on August 2, 2015


This is the twelfth in a verse by verse exposition of the book of Colossians. This message was delivered at Hillcrest Baptist Church on the evening of August 2, 2015. This message deals with transformed mind of the believer. This post contains an audio recording of the sermon, as well as my sermon notes (sermon notes are not necessarily a complete transcript).

Col 3:1-3



If then” or since. The implication is that all that follows is “because” we have been raised with Christ. What being raised with Christ actually means, is to be co-resurrected with Christ. With Christ we have entered into new life, which is the only reason that any of the commands to follow are possible.

Believers spiritually enter into the death and resurrection of Christ at the moment of their conversion.

  • Romans 6:3-4
  • Galatians 2:20 

To pass from death into life with Christ truly is a conversion. A transformation happens, that can only come about by the power of God.

To be able to enter into life with Christ is an amazing privilege, which none of us deserve. Blessed as we are to have the option of choosing life over death, many people still choose death. To choose Christ is to choose life, to reject Christ is to choose death.

  • John 3:36 
  • John 5:40

There is no other way.

  • John 14:6

Only those who have chosen Christ have the ability to seek those things which are above. For those who have rejected Christ, there is nothing higher than this present life that they can attain.

  • Luke 16:25

The rich man rejected Christ, and set his mind only on earthly things. As a consequence, there was nothing above for him to seek. His riches didn’t enter eternity with him, and all he was left with was eternal torment.

Believers, on the other hand, can look above. We can aspire to be like Christ. It is what we are predestined to do.

  • Romans 8:29

Because of this, a believer’s life should be dominated by the pattern of heaven, bringing heavenly direction to their earthly duties.
To seek means fixing your attention decisively toward “things above“. It involves centering your life on the ascended, glorified Christ.

  • Ephesians 4:10
  • Philippians 2:9

It is to see to it that your interests are constantly centered in Christ. That your attitudes, ambitions, and your entire outlook on life are molded by Christ and His Word. That your allegiance to Him takes precedence over all earthly allegiances.

By setting our focus on Christ, we have placed our focus on God.

  • John 10:30

Not only is He seated at the exalted position of the right hand of the Father, He is making intercession for us from His exalted position.

  • Hebrews 7:25

As a side note, this scripture is one of many that would refute all those who try to diminish Christ’s role as mediator.
If the last verse told us what we should strive for, this one tells us how we should think. As with our behavior, a fundamental change of our minds is only possible by the power of God.

  • Romans 12:2

This is important, because our mind controls our actions.

  • Proverbs 23:7

The thoughts of our minds should always point toward Christ.

  • Philippians 4:8

All of the things listed. . . they describe Christ. Heavenly thoughts can only come by understanding heavenly realities from Scripture. This is in contrast to setting your mind on things of the world.

  • 1 John 2:15

Simply put, both our love and our goals should be heavenly not earthly. This was not meant to encourage such heavenly thinking that you ignore the realities of the world we live in. What Paul is saying, is that life in this world will be better if it is lived by a power beyond this world, the power of the resurrected, ascended, glorified Christ.

Paul was not encouraging a kind of Gnostic disdain for material things. Every physical thing God created, including the body and sex, has a good purpose.

  • Genesis 1:27-28
  • 1 Timothy 4:1-4

However, the sinful nature of man is such that we will pervert God’s purpose for these things, if we aren’t very careful. So, the warning here is simply not to set our affection on these things, but on Christ.

What more reason do we need than this? Christ holds your life, and you are in God. He will not let you go.

  • John 10:28-29
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